Back in 1905, Michele & Carolina Fallone left their home village of Belmonte Castello, just north of Naples, to start a new life in Scotland.

Fallone Familiy 1917

Setting up in Glasgow, Michele started catering with a donkey and cart selling ice-cream. Continuing on from here, the family had a number of confectionery and fish & chip shops.

Their children all worked with their parents in the shops and then some of them continued into the catering/retail business with shops and fish & chips vans, including my grandfather 'Felice'.

Chip Van

Growing up surrounded by simple but amazing Italian food and culture has left its mark on Michele & Carolina's grandchildren and great-grandchildren who all still love to cook all the family recipes.

As a family we have been enjoying making wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas for some years now, and built our own 'Cucina Della Nonna' in our back garden where we like nothing better than spending time with our friends and family.


In 2017, we decided that we should take our pizzas on the road in the tradition of my grandparents and started a project to convert a Vintage 'Rice' Horsebox into a mobile wood-fired pizza catering trailer.

There is no doubt that this has been one of the most exciting personal projects of my life, driven by passion.

We love the idea of running our business as a family, sharing our heritage and our passion for Italian food and culture and as the last male of the Fallone name from this line I am proud to put my name to this and hope you enjoy…

FallonesPizzas 3